Sustainable Palm Oil Production Sierra Leone

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Socially Responsible

Carmanor has a strong commitment to delivering a positive social impact on the communities and countries where we operate. We seek to develop excellent relations with the local communities, stakeholders, and the municipal
and national governments in order to create a strong buy-in and drive collaboration on win-win projects with attention to, and in respect of, local cultural practices. Outlined below are some of the social benefits that our operations are yielding.

Direct local employment

Carmanor currently employs over 500 people, but this will rise to more than 2,000 people over the next three years. Most of the employees are young unskilled workers, a section of society that has been badly affected by unemployment in the post-war and post-Ebola era. Aside from salaries and a feeding allowance, the Company’s workers and their families also benefit from access to free healthcare.

Smallholder development programme

Carmanor is establishing smallholder development programmes to facilitate smallholder commercialisation and improve the efficiency of smallholders in the local communities through training and mentoring and providing access to agricultural inputs.

Fruit buying programme

Carmanor’s oil palm fruit buying programmes provide a market for all farmers in the local area with oil palms by buying fruit at a fair price. It is currently putting money directly into the hands of 250 farmers, but this will increase significantly over the next few years.

Training and upskilling

Carmanor is operating an active workforce training programme through which the experienced expatriate management team heavily invests in the workforce to build a generation of skilled professionals. The programme provides upskilling and technical training across all aspects of the upstream, downstream and corporate operations.

Food security

Unemployment, especially among the youth, low labour productivity, lack of irrigation, over-harvesting and inadequate access to food markets as a result of poor road infrastructure continue to be risks to food security in West Africa. Through providing direct employment and working with smallholder farmers to improve farming productivity and techniques Carmanor is contributing to alleviating the risks to food security in the region.

Import substitution and balance
of payments

Carmanor produces the key stable edible oil in West Africa. The substitution of imports for locally produced palm oil generates a significant multiplier impact and has a beneficial impact on the balance of payments.