Sustainable Palm Oil Production Sierra Leone

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Following feasibility studies Planting Promise are now undertaking test planting at their farm in Sierra Leone.

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Palm Oil

Planting Promise are conducting feasibility studies into the production of soap at our site at African Lion in order to supply and distribute into local markets so generate profits for their social enterprise model.


Planting Promise have great expertise and experience in pig farming. They are conducting feasibility studies for the establishment of a pig farm at our project site in order to support us in our zero waste policy whilst siting close to a nutritious source of animal feed and a ready market for the sale of pigs. ‘Ginger pork’ is a much celebrated and delicious West African dish.


Planting Promise are producing a wide variety of arable products including pineapple, sesame, pigeon pea, cassava and ground nut. Their expertise and experience are important in better understanding our local community nutritional needs and supporting in their cultivation.